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6 Climate Change Podcasts You Should Check Out

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Climate Information on the go! What's your excuse now?

Climate Change Podcast Illustration
Voice of Climate by Shifa Petiwala

Information is power. Sharing and collaborating on knowledge has paved the way for climate action. Over the years, podcasts have become a popular means of disseminating information. The climate crisis can seem to be a complicated maze, but here are six podcasts that make climate information more accessible.

1. Ye Jo Climate Hai by Avinash Chanchal

Available On: Spotify

‘Ye Jo Climate Hai’ is the first-ever climate change podcast in Hindi. The host Avinash Kumar Chanchal is a senior campaigner with Greenpeace India. They have experience of ten years in climate justice advocacy and have authored Singrauli Files.

The podcast covers diverse issues under the umbrella of climate justice in India. There is an emphasis on language barriers within climate science and the climate movement in India. Moreover, the guests bring their expertise, experiences and perspectives on various aspects like air pollution, Jan Andalon (people’s movement), and fossil fuels, among others.

The episodes often revolve around movements and people in India, which can facilitate organising and mobilising efforts.

2. Climate Emergency by Suno India

Climate Emergency is a climate podcast by Suno India hosted by Rakesh Kamal. The podcast covers contemporary international and domestic environmental issues. The podcast is an excellent starting point to understand the core, regional and intersectional approaches towards climate action, technology and environmental woes.

The episodes also deal with systemic and individual outlooks on climate change.

3. SweatPants by Rollie Williams

Available on: Spotify

Climate information and communication are often overwhelming because of the red alarms and constant climate doom. Rollie Williams, a comedian and climate science and policy expert from Cambridge, makes the climate doom less depressing.

The podcast hosts climate scientists, artists, journalists, activists, comics, etc. While the episodes encompass various themes, the general discussion does not include conversations about the global south but tackles systemic issues in the United States. ‘The Lowkey Climate Podcast’ is great to listen to when you need to run away from scientific jargon.

Overall, it is a candid conversation about the climate crisis. The host’s other venture - ClimateTown, is yet another spectacular attempt at climate comedy and awareness.

4. J-Queen’s Podcast by Ruhie

Available on: Spotify

Environmental news is often left in the lurch by mainstream media platforms. J-Queen or Ruhie talks about climate change and other environmental issues. The series “Three Missing Headlines” and the co-host Avinash Chanchal bridge the environmental news gap.

The latest episodes are a must-listen since they deal with the 2022’s State Elections in India. The series brings important insight into the conversation about politics and election campaigning around the environment.

5. Solacene by Alicia and Aaron

Living in the Anthropocene can be hopeless, with several crises unleashed upon humanity. Solacene by Alicia and Aaron takes us on a voyage to the planet earth we envision to be ideal. The co-hosts talk about a future after the Anthropocene - where environmental, cultural, systemic and economic issues have been resolved.

It is not just a work out of imagination but deals with the pathway to that future starting with degrowth.

PS: The episodes are informative, poetic and filled with hope!

6. Understanding the Future by Punit Gandhi

The future might seem uncertain amidst the climate crisis. Understanding the Future is a podcast by Climate Centre for Cities hosted by Punit Gandhi.

The podcast deals with a diversified knowledge bank that includes Future of Work and Future of Cities from the lens of Climate Change, Urban Development, Innovation, and Sustainability.

It is an enriching and highly informative podcast for young professionals who want to get involved with energy, development, circular economy and sustainability.

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